Friday, December 4, 2009

The Futile Search for the Perfect Curriculum

After reading some of my previous posts, I notice that I am an educator in search of the perfect curriculum. If you know anything about homeschooling moms or even school districts, you know that we are always in search of that magic bullet--the perfect curriculum. In fact, we are often known to switch curriculums with nary a moment's thought because of our "roving eyes." There is something deep down nagging at us that there has to be a more appropriate scope and sequence that will more closely align with this child's or these children's or this district's needs. There has to be something easier, more efficient, more research-based, more brain-based, more Christian,more secular, more child-friendly---you name it. Is it possible we are conducting a futile search?
After reviewing my previous comment on a curriculum based on fractals, it started me to thinking. Fractals are the geometry of "savage" nature. Children are curious by "nature" and a part of creation. So a fractally created curriculum would be perfect right? And yet, every child's DNA contains a different pattern. Each brain organizes information in its own unique way. . . .therefore what systematic curriculum could possibly work for every child? In fact, how can anyone--other than God and the child himself---create a perfect curriculum for someone else? Me thinks those unschooling folks have a corner on this market. . .hmmmmm. . .

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