Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why I am a Christian:

Why I am a Christian? After all, many would say all religions contain elements of truth—a higher power or consciousness of good, the need to reconcile or align oneself with the good and deny, suppress, or fight the bad, the consciousness of something wrong that needs to be corrected. So many of the ancient myths and stories contain these themes—some go so far as to have a virgin mother figure, a messiah like figure or war hero. All usually contain some teaching on love, forgiveness, righteousness, and justice. So why am a Christian, and not anything else or nothing at all? Because Christianity remains rooted in the historical Christ who can be said to have fulfilled not just the Jewish law and prophecies, but also the myths of the Norse and Romans, the philosophies of the Greeks, the suffering and self-denial of the Buddhists, the monotheistic holiness of the Muslim, the ethics of the Confucians, the Nirvana of the Hindus, and He is the answer of the human heart in a living breathing complex reality, and not just in a remote idealism. He was the God-Man, the fulfillment of all priestly figures of all religions. He came down and lived the truth in a flesh and blood way that we can understand because truth just cannot be spoken—it must be lived out. The Incarnation is the supreme crux that makes all the difference. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. . .

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