Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Simply documenting thoughts--the gift of ourselves

Again, it has been a long time since I've written in my blog. Life is busy, and sometimes the time just isn't right. I am now busy working on my doctorate in education, teaching third grade, and raising soon to be nine children. My husband is a stay at home dad, and he home schools my older daughters who help immensely, so I am not the supermom some people think when I list out my responsibilities. I am just a mom following the unique path God has for me doing the best I can with a husband and children doing the best they can. I am currently on Christmas break waiting for my ninth baby girl to come. The last month of pregnancy is the most difficult for me, and it is especially difficult because I have to rely on my children for so much. My husband's fibromyalgia prevents me from leaning on him too much for physical help with things, so we often rely on them. They are so good about it, but I know it is hard for them. I know people would judge me for having nine children, but I just figure that it will have to be that way. Sometimes you go down a path that isn't easy just because you know it is the right thing and trust that God has more good in it than you can currently see. I realized the other day one reason why I do not write in my blog more despite my love for writing. I am waiting for some grandiose thing to say. I read an article that said to just start documenting, don't worry about creating some grand thing. If you document enough, good things will eventually be created. So here is my start. I also know, however, that I am a pretty private person, and my husband is too. I do not want to share more than he nor I would like. I do not like to market myself or my ideas,so we'll see if this tapers off once again. However, sharing a part of yourself is a gift to the world; I firmly believe each person is a gift to those around him/her and to the world. When a person shares their true selves with those around them, the world is enriched in a way that only that person can provide. So here I am.

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